Death Culture (2015 Demo)

by Storm of Sedition



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Daily mass shootings are a reality of modern life
In the most developed, technological countries
Materialist, violence obsessed society
Renders existence meaningless and empty
Disputes over gun laws, bad parenting
Possible preventative measures
How can you ignore what’s right in front of your face?
The system has reached a breaking point
This death culture is driving people insane

Domestication is misery, it is insanity
This is not how we were meant to live
Synthetic reality, adverts, lights, signs, screens
This meaningless existence is an insult to us

This fucking culture reeks of death

Confused people lashing out in extreme ways
Small children with knives and guns
Massacring their classmates
Suicides vastly increasing
Depression, addiction, mental illness
These problems are rooted in civilization

Why is this an accepted reality?
Why do we hate our lives?
Why do millions need pharmaceutical drugs
To get through the day?

They appropriate our life purposes
To live as free beings
They keep us in chains, they keep us in misery
Ecocide, mass exploitation, war, colonialist genocide
This sick society is rooted in violence

It cannot be fixed with reforms
The system is rotten to the core
If we want change, we need to wage war
Against every system and institution
For the complete destruction of industrial society
Freedom cannot be given it must be taken

The system is imploding
One days these cities will be ruins
The tales of civilized life will be told
The stories of polluted, synthetic environments where
Humans randomly massacred each other
Will seem insane


released 04 June 2015



all rights reserved


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Storm of Sedition Victoria, British Columbia

Storm of Sedition is a DIY green anarchist crust punk band based out of Victoria BC kkkanada (occupied Lekwungen Territories). We aim to spread through our music, the hatred of civilization, domestication, and control, while promoting resistance to the techno-industrial capitalist system. ... more

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