by Storm of Sedition

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released April 1, 2016

Released by Profane Existence and Neanderthal Stench.

Recorded/Mixed by SOS @ Circle A Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege


all rights reserved



Storm of Sedition British Columbia

Black metal / crust from BC, Canada.

Amoral, anti-humanist, and individualist. An expression of our rejection of this world of domination and slavery, our hatred of civilization, and our desire for anarchy.

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Track Name: Deurbanize
Urban existence offers nothing
But a history and future of exploitation and blood
Industrial mass society crushes us
With its seemingly endless levels
Of impersonal control mechanisms

Continually reproducing civilization
Continually reproducing authoritarianism

We are under the control of institutions
That are reinforced when we believe in them and obey
Mass surveillance, pigs, ideologies
Maintain a social capitalist order
In which we can live lives with
Empty symbolic meaning
Distractions, drugs, technology to keep us at bay

Life in cities will continue to deteriorate
Increased poverty, resource wars, violence and oppression
The time to abandon this way of life is now

Internal struggles waged to kill the pigs in our heads
And destroy the beliefs in ideologies and institutions
We are all potential agents of change
But we must heal ourselves in order to fight

Liberate spaces and land
Create potential breeding ground for solidarity & revolt
That will erupt when we are self organized
Decentralized collectives of free individuals
Living outside the grip of urban existence
Dropping out is powerful in itself
But ineffective without revolt

Deurbanize, deindustrialize!
Take back our lives from the clutches of urban existence

Revolt is not nearly as effective
Without creating a new autonomous way to live
Lets stop reproducing this system
Liberate yourself, create the potential for change

By creating local decentralized resistance
To industrial capitalist civilization
Track Name: Mechanism of Defense
Leftism defends the fundamental
Values and institutions upholding civilization
That of humanism and progressivism
Constantly adjusting to meet the needs
Of modern industrial society

Assimilating, pacifying, eliminating dangerous elements
Channeling rage into less threatening forms
Absorbing, modifying, and perverting resistance currents
To fit the leftist pseudo-rebellious agenda
Working as a self defense mechanism for the system

All the symbolic protests
And single issue campaigns
Won't change fucking shit
In this techno-industrial civilization
You divert rage into single issues
Furthering the alienation of capitalism
With your activist expertism
And specialization in social change

You are not radical
Your movements and praxis
Arose from state institutions
Your privilege politics are a dead end
Rooted in Marxism and academia
Advocating identification with victimization
Defining individuals in terms of their social roles

Attempting their liberation
Not questioning the existence of the roles themselves
So they are reproduced

You construct reified categories
Of unified oppressed people
Tokenizing, representing,
Patronizing, simplifying
Civilizations systematic domination

And inherent class structure
Thinking we can end oppression
By changing micro scale social dynamics
Falsely believing institutionalized oppressive ideas are changed
By changing our language and not destroying the institutions themselves

If you want to defend reform and reproduce
The structures of society then just fuck off
When your morality is questioned
The entire framework of your praxis falls apart

The pillars of your ideological constructs crumble
They are based on heteronomous discipline and leadership
Morality, ideology, representation, and hierarchical organization
The same tools used by the state

Power hungry authoritarian leftists
You're a self defense mechanism for the system
Power hungry authoritarian leftists
You're a tool used by the state
Track Name: Natural Chaos
Lets unleash our wildness
Revolt and destroy, simply because we can
We do not need excuses to take out our rage
We do not need to act on the systems terms

We do not need justification
We will destroy because we hate everything in sight
We do not want to carve out our own ghetto
Within the confines of civilization

All of its infrastructure must be destroyed
The institutions that perpetuate its logic
Define, categorize, symbolize, and compartmentalize

Its technology and science shaping the world
Creating apparatuses of ultimate
Control and domination

Its military and pig police
That protect and defend the social order
The agriculture and resource extraction
Ecologically devastating endless expansion

Its architects and specialists
That design and manage this world
Its domestication, the ultimate control
And appropriation of life
Its never ending self perpetuating reproducing drive

All of this must be annihilated

And then we'll see the stars shine bright
Their machines will rust
Their buildings will crumble
The natural world will thrive
And we could connect
And find our place within
The beautiful natural chaos of this world
Track Name: Shackles
Abused, dominated, raped, possessed
Thousands of years of misery and suffering
Under civilizations patriarchal rule
Binary roles reproduced for a division of labour
Sex and gender are social and cultural constructs
Confining us all

Imagine the endless possibilities of
Expression beyond masculinity and femininity by
Smashing the shackles of static, limiting, gendered identity

Let's connect with our desires and passions
Ignite the flame of revolt

Perpetuating a cycle of reproduction
Producing human resources
Coerced and socialized to accept their prescribed roles
As workers, (re)producers, and consumers

Imagine the endless possibilities of
Expression beyond masculinity and femininity by
Smashing the shackles of static, limiting, gendered identity

Let's connect with our desires and passions
Ignite the flame of revolt

This institutional
Hetero-normative gendered
Patriarchal hell
Track Name: Disconnect
Living a domesticated existence
Starves people of meaning in their lives
Everyone feels the void beneath the surface
Of everyday activities and routines

Miserable, exploited, mass populations
Feeding the industrial systems endless hunger
Treated like machines, living beings
Enslaved and kept passive in a technological noose

We live in these cages
Made of concrete, glass, and steel
A functioning human made hell
Complete with natural scenery

Yet there is no community
Deprived of connection with real people
Technology perpetuates alienation
But promises to connect us

And fill the void in our lives
In constant need of escape and distraction
From this fucking ugly world
Technology creeping into our lives

Pop culture, pacifying shit
Endless distractions to curb dissent
A society of lonely domesticated beings
Attempting social interaction behind a digital screen

Clinging to the feeling of connectedness
Personalized profiles, mass communication tools
Monitored and funded by pigs
Spying on people, on movements
While corporations profit off government control
Microsoft, apple, fedbook
Endless lists of corporations
Infiltrating our everyday lives
The NSA, the CSE
Databases created from what you share
Information for incrimination
Millions of people on terrorist watch lists
Technology's a weapon used against us

Its function is to propel their ability
To efficiently exploit us and the natural world
While doing so capitalizing off selling us
Gadgets to distract us from the lives we live and hate

Turn off that shit, enter the real world
You are not connected
You are alone staring into a fucking a screen

Get outside, meet with real people!
Even if we use these tools
We must never forget

Technology is a system created by and for those in power
And it will only exist with
Division of labor, exploitation, and death

Becoming connected through technology
Is a sick fucking joke
Track Name: Arm Your Desires
They have their pigs, weapons, and prisons
Militarized modern state power structures
But their counter-insurgency measures
And their violent oppressive institutions
Will never crush the passion, love, and hatred in our hearts

With autonomous, decentralized, unrelenting resistance
We'll create possibilities of living wild and free
Taking strategic advantage of the weaknesses of the state
And its complex but centralized fragile infrastructure

Just think of the possibilities
If the electrical grid was attacked
A devastating act like taking out the power
Could debilitate the functions of the state
Opening up potential for escalating revolt

Attack the structures of capital!
Sabotage the modes production!
Their roads, bridges, power lines, and machines
Can be destroyed, internet servers blown to bits
Bring the system to a halt

If electricity alone was taken out
It could offer a glimpse into a world
Free of the sickening mechanistic speed
Of technological mass society
While at the same time creating
Opportunities to increase
Levels of sabotage and resistance
Destroying the prison world that they've built

Full on primal war, arm your desires
For wildness, life, and anarchy
We want lives free of exploitation and domination
We want lives free of domestication and civilization

Arm your desires
Track Name: Education is Colonization
Civilization domesticates and colonizes
Appropriating and creating resources to maintain
Its socio-economic relationships and structures

Human beings are treated as resources
Controlled, exploited, and consumed

Education maintains this dynamic
It's an institutional program that
Colonizes children's minds
Embedding civilized values within them

Attempting to rid them of the wild
Crushing self knowledge and the ability
To learn from the world on their own terms
Instead teaching representation
Separation and formulaic reasoning

Schools serve the same function as prisons
Children are isolated for years
Tamed, possessed, and controlled
Their freewill eradicated

Programmed to accept the invasion of their minds
These institutions do not care about your children
They exist to perpetuate their own knowledge and logic
Of ignorance, obedience, authority

We are born wild
And if allowed to learn
From our own direct experiences
We will thrive and flourish
Civilization and education are antithetical
To knowledge and life

Embracing the beauty of natural chaos
Empathy , imagination, interconnectedness,
Co-operation and mutual aid,
The keys to intelligence and a sustainable culture
Civilization and education are antithetical
To knowledge and life
Track Name: Death Culture
Daily mass shootings are a reality of modern life
In technological mass society
Existence is rendered meaningless and empty
Disputes over gun laws, bad parenting
Possible preventative measures
How can you ignore what's right in front of your face?
The system has reached a breaking point
This death culture is driving people insane

Domestication is misery, it is insanity
This is not how we were meant to live
Synthetic reality, adverts, lights, signs, screens
This meaningless existence is an insult to us

This fucking culture reeks of death

Confused people lashing out in extreme ways
Small children with knives and guns
Massacring their classmates
Suicides vastly increasing
Depression, addiction, mental illness
These problems are rooted in civilization

Why is this an accepted reality?
Why do so many hate their lives?
Why do millions need pharmaceutical drugs
To get through the day?
They appropriate our life purposes
To live as free beings
They keep us in chains, they keep us in misery
Mass exploitation, war, and genocide
This sick society is rooted in violence
It cannot be fixed with reforms
The system is rotten to the core
If we want change, we need to wage war
Against the system and all its institutions
For the complete destruction of technological mass society
Freedom cannot be given it must be taken

The system is imploding
One days these cities will be ruins and
The tales Of civilized life will be told
The stories of polluted, synthetic environments
And humans randomly massacring each other
Will seem insane
Track Name: Feral Revolt
Lives spent in a void
Of meaninglessness, work, misery
Depression, loneliness, anti-social paranoia
Trapped in the spectacle
Of technological mass society

Unable to relate to one another
Relationships mediated through images and media
Hyper domestication normalized
Internalized, breaking us, conditioning us

The only reasonable response
Is fucking rage

Its so tempting to numb yourself into apathy
Blinding yourself from the stark reality
That there is more that you want from life
More than concrete walls, a mediated existence
A polluted, dystopic, technological world
Where life suffocates, screams, and dies

Unable to escape, trying to run farther and farther away
Only to be reminded of the death system
You cannot escape civilization
It is global, it is everywhere
We must face it head on
Decivilizing, rewilding, destroying

Living as criminals in a system that we deny legitimacy
Developing theory, tactics, and strategies
To eradicate civilization and gain autonomy
Against domination and exploitation

Maintaining health of the mind and body
Martial training and staying physically fit
To overcome mental barriers and debilitating depression,
And to take on any fucking pig or snitch that gets in your way

We cannot let the system crush us
And our desire to live with direct community
An undomesticated feral existence

We need to understand
The reality of our situation
Take care of and support each other with
Mutual aid, solidarity, compassion
Track Name: Leviathan
The same linear narrative repeated
Progress and His-story
A fragmented chronicle
Of the deeds of Leviathan

On its conquest to capture and assimilate
All that's outside of itself
Feeding it's immortal institutions
That live off of life
And produce nothing but death

Perpetually decomposing
Destroying everything in its path
And while its in a state of decay
It recomposes and reorganizes its parts

Leviathan absorbs life through mechanisms
Of domestication and gender
Systematically breaking humans
Separating them from their desires
And what it means to be alive

Giving them a false spirituality
To identify with the Leviathan
Humans are organized to give it life
Moving its wheels and levers

Throughout its his-story, a sequence is repeated
Deceive, capture, dominate, accumulate, annihilate, decline

Will it all crash? Will it all collapse?
Or will civilization shift and adapt
Prophecy’s speak of revolution
Always out of reach, always on the horizon

The ideal conditions will never arise
The time is now to refuse, evade, attack
This domesticating gendered prison
Become feral beings
Revolting with both the body and spirit
To ignite a fire
That can burn Leviathan to the fucking ground

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