Howl of Dynamite

by Storm of Sedition

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Red Laughter 04:35
Today the twilight is red… The sunset is covered with blood… We are close to the tragic celebration of the great social dusk. Already, on the bells of history, Time has struck the first predawn strokes of a new day. Enough, enough, enough! It is the hour of the social tragedy! We will destroy laughing. We will set fires laughing. We will kill laughing. We will expropriate laughing. And society will fall. The fatherland will fall. The family will fall. All will fall after the free man is born. The one is born who has learned the Dionysian art of joy and laughter Through tears and sorrow. The hour has come to drown the enemy in blood… The hour has come to wash our minds in blood. Enough, enough, enough! As the poet transforms his lyre into a dagger! As the philosopher transforms his probe into a bomb! As the fisherman transforms his oar into a formidable ax. As the miner comes up from the unbearable caves of the dark mines armed with his shining iron. As the farmer transforms his fruitful spade into a war lance. As the laborer transforms his hammer into a scythe and cleaver. Forward, forward, forward, oh joyful destroyers. Beneath the black edge of death we will conquer Life! Laughing! And we will make it our slave! Laughing! And we will love it laughing! Since the only serious people are those who know how to be actively engaged laughing. And our hatred laughs… Red laughter. Forward! Forward, for the destruction of the lie and of the phantoms! Forward, for the complete conquest of individuality and of Life!
Progressivist humanist anarchists 21st century non-threatening radicals Fully immersed in civilized morality Armed with a utopian fantasy Of a world in harmony A replication of Christian methodology They know the true path of liberation Anarchism's vanguardist messiahs Leading the people towards the light Towards the great social awakening The promised land The revolution They preach with their dogma Displaying their goodness to all Publicly putting out hands To the disenfranchised and most oppressed To win moral publicity points Shying away from vicious violence That would actually threaten the social order To stay relevant in branding Anarchism as a palatable solution With a glorfied social struggle Activist mentality and a political program Desperately trying to appeal to the masses Of which they hopelessly identify The same slave masses That willingly acquiesce to domination and authority Freedom will never come through organizations Politics reduce the individual to a mere component Of a politically organized mass Anything based on the masses, the herd Carries within itself the seeds of slavery Anarchism is nothing but a limiting Eurocentric ideology Based on Christian moralism and humanist values My anarchy is a trajectory towards chaos and destruction The crumbling of society The total negation of all phantasms The rejection of all civilizing forces The breaking free of all constraints In defiance of all systems and moral codes Anarchism should be left to die
The social anarchist herd Lashes out against the use of violence Unless it fits their ideological program They cry out in disbelief When indiscriminate terror is inflicted upon the masses Yet they call for Revolution Would it be bloodless? There have always been anarchists Who violated sacred moral codes And acted upon their desires Attacking the established order With complete disregard For the humanist belief In the sanctity of human life Yet many attempt to erase this history In an effort to portray anarchists As enlightened progressives Doing the good work of society In a pathetic attempt To appeal to the masses But they will not be forgotten! The Illegalists who knew The only way was to live a life of crime To steal from the society that tried to rob them of their lives They terrorized the public with their violence And waves of brazen expropriations They did not hesitate To blast their enemies away The fierce anarchist attackers Who faced the system Of exploitation and domination With weapons in hand Bullets, bombs, daggers, and flames They unleashed indiscriminate Campaigns of violence and terror Upon their enemies That left hundreds dead They were fierce violent threats to society Not pathetic lap dogs to the forces of Positive social progress Recuperation and reform
Illegalist 05:15
Our lives are stolen from us Coerced into a submissive dynamic of work and pay With threats of poverty and scarcity Domesticated and indoctrinated To internalize a moral dedication To the logic of economics and property Resulting in a life of servitude and slavery Reduced to a resource To be consumed by civilization In the name of economics and progress In defiance against all logic of civilization I refuse to be enslaved by Techno-industrial society Attack the economy Abandon civilized morality Attack this fucking wretched society! I will not bow down To a world I did not create To a world I never wanted
Eternal War 05:35
Waging an eternal war As hedonist individualists driven by A fiery pessimism and blood red rage Attacking all that is sacred Against every society and every collectivity I will never submit to slavery I will never submit Those who do not abide by the laws Values and morality of the social order Strike fear into the hearts of the civilized The totality continues as reality With the reproduction of social relationships And the culmination of mass submission Evade the nightmare of techno-industrial society! Refuse, negate, attack! I refuse to have my mind infected by its narratives I hate its order and control I refuse to live in servitude as a worker and slave In open air urban prisons Home to the domesticated masses Civilization's greatest achievements Symbols of misery and suffering Monuments to exploitation and slavery My unconstrained desire For freedom will manifest itself Into a ferocious uncontrollable threat I'll strive to break free From this mundane shit existence As an individualist creating anarchy in my own life I'll watch the Leviathan devour itself And head towards oblivion and I'll contribute to its demise I know I will never destroy it But the hatred I feel Towards civilization Will never die
Human livestock dwell in the cities Embracing their cages Regimented monotonous lives Days spent in steel death traps Commuting to and from their jobs Plugged in minds, integrated with technology Desperatlely trying to escape reality Can enough media ever be consumed to fill the void? The citizen attempts to buy individuality and a sense of worth With complete devotion to commodity consumerism Opinions and desires bought and sold They live vicariously through constructed identities To fit into this homogenized automaton society Viewing themselves as part of a collectivist mass Extending a moral loyalty to billions Of people they will never know Embracing a Humanist narrative A story of superior enlightened beings Collectively serving and advancing the cause of humanity One of the greatest lies of all They see the world through a constructed facade Of simplistic binaries A populace of infantilized minds Believing in fairy tales Right and wrong, good and evil Narratives of a slave morality Extended to every part of their lives The citizen holds sacred the values of society Rights, laws, property, democracy, freedom of speech Loyal civilians, entire lives based upon reifications The family, community, society, humanity, progress All grand causes to submit to and serve The citizen is uncritical of power and domination Inflicted upon them since day one They are dead inside Mechanized lifeless automatons Mere extentions of the industrial project Nothing but workers and consumers Serving this grand civilization They will do nothing but work until they die Domesticated subjugated pathetic beings Embracing a slave ideology Reproducing the social relationships That are the foundation of their own prison I hate your society I reject this world I want to unravel the moral fabric of it all And destroy its foundation I am no good moralist citizen I want chaotic lawlessness Anarchy and total fucking destruction
Bow down, subjugate yourself To sacred fixed ideas Subordinate yourself to causes above Liberalism replaced god with humanity A mere recreation of monotheistic thinking A transformed phantasm, within it God lives on Humanists cling like pathetic half wits To Enlightenment myths and ideals Worshiping a projected archetype Of what it means to be human The supreme being, what all must aspire to to be A creature of reason, goodness, and truth A possessed, moralist, law abiding, obedient fool Religiously devoted to serving humanity With a laughable millenarian narrative Of a unified global community Advancing toward a brighter better future The human civilized slave project continues onward Humanity is a religious cult-like belief There exists only individuals They can choose, bow down to sacred truths and causes above Or make the world theirs and live for their own desires I will not serve the cult of humanity The collectivist miserable herd of slaves I renounce all causes that are not my own I am an inhuman amoral abomination Your humanity, your garbage society Your ideals, causes, and truths They're all fucking beneath me! Abandoning all faith, my war is waged Destroying out of pure disgust and hatred Arising over the phantoms I the unique will thrive!
Monotonous dreary schedulized routines The clock rules over us Managing and arranging our lives To serve the roles that reproduce The industrial machine With maximum efficiency A giant clock looms over the world The ultimate homogenized, universalized, Globalized form of control Necessary for efficient machine society The clock is always ticking The industrial system's technology Integrates techniques, machinery, people, and resources Extending the ruling order's power Time training is a civilizing process To create domesticated subservient citizens Why does this illusion have so much power over us? Time is the ultimate model of domination Our lives and bodies are synchronized to it A component in the vast landscape of reifications That seemingly steer and control our lives Work, school, institutionalized misery Day to day mundane alienation Reject, negate, and attack these conditions We internalize this construct That forces us into servility Time is nothing but a construct Colonizing our subjectivity Quantifying how we experience life When the clock stops life begins The industrial revolution Birthed time in its most predatory form yet It regulated social behavior Kept people in the factories It was an instrument used to organize and control The parallel between the accuracy of time And the level of industrialization was clear It was a symbol of order and discipline That created regimentation, regulation, and routinization And as a direct response people revolted Against industrialization They shot at clock towers in the streets Abandon the clock Reject the civilizing Process of internalizing time When we take our lives into our own hands and live them on our own terms We can enter a state of timelessness and presentness With all the “time” in the world to play, revolt, and destroy When the clock stops, life begins


released June 25, 2019

Drum engineering by Jesse Gander at Rain City Recorders.
Guitars, bass, and vocals recorded at Circle A Studios.
Mixed at Circle A Studios.
Mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright.


all rights reserved



Storm of Sedition British Columbia

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