from by Storm of Sedition



Living a domesticated existence
Starves people of meaning in their lives
Everyone feels the void beneath the surface
Of everyday activities and routines

Miserable, exploited, mass populations
Feeding the industrial systems endless hunger
Treated like machines, living beings
Enslaved and kept passive in a technological noose

We live in these cages
Made of concrete, glass, and steel
A functioning human made hell
Complete with natural scenery

Yet there is no community
Deprived of connection with real people
Technology perpetuates alienation
But promises to connect us

And fill the void in our lives
In constant need of escape and distraction
From this fucking ugly world
Technology creeping into our lives

Pop culture, pacifying shit
Endless distractions to curb dissent
A society of lonely domesticated beings
Attempting social interaction behind a digital screen

Clinging to the feeling of connectedness
Personalized profiles, mass communication tools
Monitored and funded by pigs
Spying on people, on movements
While corporations profit off government control
Microsoft, apple, fedbook
Endless lists of corporations
Infiltrating our everyday lives
The NSA, the CSE
Databases created from what you share
Information for incrimination
Millions of people on terrorist watch lists
Technology's a weapon used against us

Its function is to propel their ability
To efficiently exploit us and the natural world
While doing so capitalizing off selling us
Gadgets to distract us from the lives we live and hate

Turn off that shit, enter the real world
You are not connected
You are alone staring into a fucking a screen

Get outside, meet with real people!
Even if we use these tools
We must never forget

Technology is a system created by and for those in power
And it will only exist with
Division of labor, exploitation, and death

Becoming connected through technology
Is a sick fucking joke


from Decivilize, released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Storm of Sedition British Columbia

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Storm of Sedition is a DIY anti-civilization anarchist crust punk band from British Columbia, kkkanada (occupied indigenous territories).

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