Education is Colonization

from by Storm of Sedition



Civilization domesticates and colonizes
Appropriating and creating resources to maintain
Its socio-economic relationships and structures

Human beings are treated as resources
Controlled, exploited, and consumed

Education maintains this dynamic
It's an institutional program that
Colonizes children's minds
Embedding civilized values within them

Attempting to rid them of the wild
Crushing self knowledge and the ability
To learn from the world on their own terms
Instead teaching representation
Separation and formulaic reasoning

Schools serve the same function as prisons
Children are isolated for years
Tamed, possessed, and controlled
Their freewill eradicated

Programmed to accept the invasion of their minds
These institutions do not care about your children
They exist to perpetuate their own knowledge and logic
Of ignorance, obedience, authority

We are born wild
And if allowed to learn
From our own direct experiences
We will thrive and flourish
Civilization and education are antithetical
To knowledge and life

Embracing the beauty of natural chaos
Empathy , imagination, interconnectedness,
Co-operation and mutual aid,
The keys to intelligence and a sustainable culture
Civilization and education are antithetical
To knowledge and life


from Decivilize, released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Storm of Sedition British Columbia

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Storm of Sedition is a DIY anti-civilization anarchist crust punk band from British Columbia, kkkanada (occupied indigenous territories).

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