from by Storm of Sedition



The same linear narrative repeated
Progress and His-story
A fragmented chronicle
Of the deeds of Leviathan

On its conquest to capture and assimilate
All that's outside of itself
Feeding it's immortal institutions
That live off of life
And produce nothing but death

Perpetually decomposing
Destroying everything in its path
And while its in a state of decay
It recomposes and reorganizes its parts

Leviathan absorbs life through mechanisms
Of domestication and gender
Systematically breaking humans
Separating them from their desires
And what it means to be alive

Giving them a false spirituality
To identify with the Leviathan
Humans are organized to give it life
Moving its wheels and levers

Throughout its his-story, a sequence is repeated
Deceive, capture, dominate, accumulate, annihilate, decline

Will it all crash? Will it all collapse?
Or will civilization shift and adapt
Prophecy’s speak of revolution
Always out of reach, always on the horizon

The ideal conditions will never arise
The time is now to refuse, evade, attack
This domesticating gendered prison
Become feral beings
Revolting with both the body and spirit
To ignite a fire
That can burn Leviathan to the fucking ground


from Decivilize, released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Storm of Sedition British Columbia

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Storm of Sedition is a DIY anti-civilization anarchist crust punk band from British Columbia, kkkanada (occupied indigenous territories).

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