Feral Revolt

from by Storm of Sedition



Lives spent in a void
Of meaninglessness, work, misery
Depression, loneliness, anti-social paranoia
Trapped in the spectacle
Of technological mass society

Unable to relate to one another
Relationships mediated through images and media
Hyper domestication normalized
Internalized, breaking us, conditioning us

The only reasonable response
Is fucking rage

Its so tempting to numb yourself into apathy
Blinding yourself from the stark reality
That there is more that you want from life
More than concrete walls, a mediated existence
A polluted, dystopic, technological world
Where life suffocates, screams, and dies

Unable to escape, trying to run farther and farther away
Only to be reminded of the death system
You cannot escape civilization
It is global, it is everywhere
We must face it head on
Decivilizing, rewilding, destroying

Living as criminals in a system that we deny legitimacy
Developing theory, tactics, and strategies
To eradicate civilization and gain autonomy
Against domination and exploitation

Maintaining health of the mind and body
Martial training and staying physically fit
To overcome mental barriers and debilitating depression,
And to take on any fucking pig or snitch that gets in your way

We cannot let the system crush us
And our desire to live with direct community
An undomesticated feral existence

We need to understand
The reality of our situation
Take care of and support each other with
Mutual aid, solidarity, compassion


from Decivilize, released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Storm of Sedition British Columbia

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Storm of Sedition is a DIY anti-civilization anarchist crust punk band from British Columbia, kkkanada (occupied indigenous territories).

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