Natural Chaos

from by Storm of Sedition



Lets unleash our wildness
Revolt and destroy, simply because we can
We do not need excuses to take out our rage
We do not need to act on the systems terms

We do not need justification
We will destroy because we hate everything in sight
We do not want to carve out our own ghetto
Within the confines of civilization

All of its infrastructure must be destroyed
The institutions that perpetuate its logic
Define, categorize, symbolize, and compartmentalize

Its technology and science shaping the world
Creating apparatuses of ultimate
Control and domination

Its military and pig police
That protect and defend the social order
The agriculture and resource extraction
Ecologically devastating endless expansion

Its architects and specialists
That design and manage this world
Its domestication, the ultimate control
And appropriation of life
Its never ending self perpetuating reproducing drive

All of this must be annihilated

And then we'll see the stars shine bright
Their machines will rust
Their buildings will crumble
The natural world will thrive
And we could connect
And find our place within
The beautiful natural chaos of this world


from Decivilize, released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Storm of Sedition British Columbia

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Storm of Sedition is a DIY anti-civilization anarchist crust punk band from British Columbia, kkkanada (occupied indigenous territories).

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